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"My works often explore that mysterious, elusive space that lies between the utopian and the dystopian. While suggesting both an intimacy and a monumentality, my approach reflects the paradigm “the personal is the global". 

Romicon Revola a.k.a Romi is a contemporary artist based in Bangalore, India. Trained as a sculptor, she has experimented with a variety of media. Her work encompasses monumental public sculpture, installation, painting, and video.

Romi has often appropriated the stainless steel material, often considered either industrial or masculine, to weave narratives engaging with feminine musings. In her recent body of work Cosmic Bloom: Iconography for a Reimagined World Order she seeks to explore new archetypes or perhaps even revive forgotten mythologies as a response to the several inter-connected and tangential issues surrounding sustainability, consumption, geology and ecology. She references subtle dichotomies while alluding to the power of empathy, resilience and nurture. 

From 2005 onwards Romicon Revola has installed public sculptures and has held exhibitions in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Kochi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Her work is in various private collections in India and abroad. She is involved in various art initiatives and community art programs. She is involved in several art initiatives and community art programs. 

Important Sculptures installed at:

Cubbon Park, Bangalore
Hilton Hotel, Bangalore
World Trade Center, Kochi
ISDO, Ahmedabad
Manyata Business Park, Bangalore
Golf Links Business Park, Bangalore
Grand Mercure Hotel, Mysore
Beaumonde, Mumbai

Important Exhibitions:

2018 – Video art film screened at Birmingham Art Summit, MAC Birmingham, United Kingdom
2018 – Functional art collaboration with Aranyani exhibited at New York Fashion Week, USA 
2018 – Raintree Media curated show at Project Eve, Bangalore
2018 – Annual Swasti Gallery show in support of HCG cancer foundation, Bangalore
2017 - CIMA Award Nominees show, Kolkatta Arts Festival, Kolkatta
2017 - Women's art festival curated by Raintree media, Bangalore
2017 - Prism of Nature, Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore
2017 - Tech in Arts, Video art featured at Bangalore Arts Festival
2016 - Group show at Art Houz, Bangalore
2016 - Annual show by Art Chutney at Taj Westend, Bangalore
2016 – Whitefield Art collective, VR Bengaluru
2015 – Stainless Steel art fair, Mahatma Mandir, Ahmedabad
2015 – Art Mantaram annual show, Bangalore
2014 – Eclectic Exploration, show of 30 emerging artists, Kalarasa Art House
2013 – Exhibition of Art Contest Winners, International Creative Art Centre, Mumbai
2013 – Group show of 4 artists, Time and Space Gallery at Alila Hotel
2012 – United Art Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
2012 – Annual Show of Indian National Academy of Art & Culture, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore
2011 – Second Edition of Art Bengaluru, UB City, Bangalore
2010  – Show of Stainless Steel Sculptures, Le Jardin, Bangalore
2010  – First Edition of Art Bengaluru, UB City, Bangalore
2010 – Two person show at Galerie de Arts, Bangalore
2009 – GenNext IV, Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkatta
2009 - Show of miniature SS sculptures, “Phantasmagoria”, Leela Palace, Bangalore
2008 to 2005 – Installed 15 outdoor sculptures in Stainless Steel for various
public and corporate spaces in Bangalore, India
2004 - Show of bronzes titled “Bronze Rhythms”
at The Lakeview Farm, Bangalore

Important Awards:

2013 – Best Sculpture award, International Creative Art Centre, Mumbai
2009 – GenNext IV, Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkatta